Don't be a lemon - don't give your phone number to strangers!

use Call Safe!

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Met someone you'd like to talk to?
Don't want to give them your real phone number?

Get an instant anonymous number from us - it's quick, safe and won't cost you a penny!

It's much easier than having to deal with nuisance calls or having to change your phone number ...


Now you can have a Call Safe number routed through to your mobile!  Click HERE for full details!

How does it work?

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Safely chat online - rather than giving out your real number to people you don't *really* know (such as people met in chatrooms), get a free Call Safe number so that your phone call / phone calls are safe.  With your real number hidden you can be secure in the knowledge it is secret until you choose to give it out.  Hide your private phone number, use Call Safe and chat on-line in security to your chatroom cyber friends or to friends you have met up with again through Friends Reunited or similar sites.
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